Indojo Briket Pioneer’s Vision & Mission


We are PT INDOJO BRIKET PIONEER, a company engaged in the manufacture of charcoal briquettes which is 100% coconut shell.

Our location is in Gabus, pati, central java, Indonesia. The focus of our company is to provide good quality products for all our customers around the world.

The satisfaction of our customers is the main priority of our company in order to be able to cooperate for a long time.

In addition to promoting good quality, our company also has high integrity and commitment to be able to serve all customers very well.

To create a large company and good product quality, we also have a professional team to meet all customer needs.


To be the best pioneer in the production of premium quality coconut shell charcoal briquettes in the world.


Developing coconut shell charcoal industry with 100% premium quality, professional workers, capable machines and the latest industrial techniques so that it reaches markets around the world.

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