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Packing, Stuffing & Shipping

Our product have many packaging. We offer many choices of packaging according to customer’s request.

  • Coloured Master Box, single or double walls.
  • Brown Master Box, single wall, one color
  • Brown Master Box, double walls, 3 colors
  • Each one kg in plastic bag with sticker and without sticker
  • Each one kg in colored cartoon inner box

All container are wrapped with plastic and stuffed carefully under the control of professional team.


We offer full shipping services upon customer requests and our responsive and helpful team are highly responsive to provide our customers with needed all documents, help and update in tracking and solving any shipping issues.


We can be the best in charcoal briquettes product, expand our market in the world. We always doing our best to maintain our valued customers. Our main markets: Turkeys, Saudi Arabia, Lebanon, Palestine, Jordan , Germany, USA and Austalia. We have plan to establish new market and cooperate with new customers around the world.

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