Our Product Specifications & Quality Controls


All our product are 100 % coconut shell, no crack, no smell and low ash. For more information about our product’s specification please see the laboratory test.

Quality Control System Steps:

  1. Selecting good raw material from Sulawesi, Sumatra and Java Island with very high standards.
  2. Cleaning the raw material with rotary machine and then sorting by hand plece by plece.
  3. Production process: all production process from crushing, mixer, blending, molding, cutting, sorting before oven and oven process are subjected to rigorous quality control system.
  4. After oven testing: All product are sorted piece by piece to check the perfect shape and size. After that we take samples for testing the productsby burning it to check smell, smoke, crack, burning time, moisture content, hardness, ash color and ash content then product will be rejected if not fulfill high quality standards.
  5. We always improve our quality by the valued feedback from our customers. Listening carefully to our customer notes and improve our operations and quality accordingly.

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