Steak Shape Briket

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Steak Shape Briket

Steak shape briket (briquette) is a charcoal product that is specially shaped like steak so that it is easy to arrange and use in the grill. We make products like this according to the demands and needs of consumers in several countries.

Indojo Briket Pioneer produces high quality coconut charcoal briquettes for the domestic and international markets. We collect coconut shells from farmers in Central Java, through a very strict selection and sorting process.

At the processing stage, professional experts make briquettes using modern equipment. After that, workers sort the charcoal according to the best shape and size. Then the work is continues with packaging into a neat packaging that is resistant to moisture and water.

In the storage room, we store these charcoal briquettes in a dry warehouse to prevent damage. So that the quality of the goods remains in good condition. Then the delivery stage to the buyer uses a transportation fleet with good security and safety standards.

Spesifications of Steak Shape Briquettes

We produce coconut charcoal briquettes according to your needs and requests. Guaranteed! Each product goes through good processing using the best materials and with high standards. So it is be a premium quality briquette.


Size 1.7 x 4.5 cm, or as customer’s request.


50 – 100 grams

Supply Capability

500 – 1000 pieces a day

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